Windsor Bridal: The Wedding Guide-Planning and More Planning

Planning a wedding can seem like an amazing task. Getting engaged was easy; now  decisions have to be made.

Knowing your expectations and developing a realistic budget are the key to an organized wedding. Start by assessing your guest list and then sticking to it.

There will be lots of conversations with family and friends about your special day and depending on who is footing the bill, you’ll commence on a seemingly endless check list of to-do’s.

The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County has been designed to help you stay stress-free and organized. It is a step-by-step of all the tasks you are going to have to address in order to host your wedding.

We believe that your engagement should be the happiest time in your life. And by taking a breath and knowing what you want and that you are in good hands with your wedding vendors will make your life a little less demanding at this exciting time.

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