Planning a Wedding? The Wedding Guide- Putting the Bride and Groom in the Know!

In spite of the economy, there is an air of optimism with couples heading to the altar. Although this is postive, I still advocate spending wisely for their special day.

Picture This!

Photographers play a lead role in bridal memory-making and a couple’s choice should be an accredited pro, with great references and a handsome portfolio. This is one of the services that accounts for longetivity, and you don’t want to look back in twenty years and still be disappointed. Do your homework and be careful. There are lots of photographers and yours will be spending the entire day and night with you.

Also ensure that your pictures will be a mix of informal and formal shots. That way you won’t be standing and posing for what seems forever and the spontaneity of your wedding will also be captured.

We’re Traveling-We’re Married!

Honeymoons continue to be important, as its the bride and grooms first sojourn as a married couple. Choose a place that both of you can unwind and enjoy activities together  after all  the excitement of your wedding day. There isn’t a couple around who can’t remember their honeymoon, which is the bridge between your old life and your future together.

Webcast your wedding to all those who aren’t able to be there. It’s the next best thing to being there. This trend is catching on very quickly and becoming a priority for brides and grooms who have friends and family all over the globe.

Décor With Life!

An artsy, actor friend of minewas  recently  hired as a duo to be “wedding statues” at the reception. Dressed as the bride and groom, they were mannequins at times,  while gracefully moving from one area to another, entertaining the guests. He said that the reaction to this neat and never heard of before concept was overwhelming. Be sure that if someone you know wants to have this “people scape” at their reception, they shouild be acting professionals and at ease within a large party.

If you want to speak to the originator of this trend, email me. He is also a stilt-walker at  festivals, parties, openings and more. You want novel and hi-profile. Email me today.

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