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Your wedding flowers add an ambiance to your special day. The colour and style can match your theme or simply be the most beautiful fresh flowers available at the best price for the season you are married in.

From your engagement party to your wedding day, flowers will play a role in all your celebratory parties.

Your bridal bouquet is the one adornment that can be your own personal, signature style. Whether it be a gorgeous multi-floral or a single gorgeous stem wrapped in ribbon, it will accessorize your gown and add colour.

Your groom and the rest of the wedding party will also have flowers- as will your parents and grandparents. Flowers are a signal of a big celebration and set the stage for the party to come.

You can wrap your cake in flowers and you can garnish your hair with them too.

When choosing your flowers, think through what you really like and the smell that you wish to have fragrance your air. The scent will always remind you of your wedding day!

After the wedding, preserve your bouquet and put it in a shadow box frame along with your invitation. It makes a lovely reminder and preserves your memory-making!

Windsor/Essex County offers some talented floral designers. Speak candidly to them and let them know what you are dreaming of and they will create your look for you.

The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County is pleased to offer you answers to all the questions that are asked everytime a wedding is hosted. Email us at and Ask the Editor for your own personalized answers.

We wish you all the best and a happy, healthy life together.

Until next time,

Sheryl Davies

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