Is Your Wedding in Windsor, Ontario? From The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County


The Wedding Guide follows the trends and when I came across this post last week of a balloon bridal gown, I wasn’t surprised. With a tremendous amount of personalization taking place in today’s celebrations, it was inevitable that someone would make one. I couldn’t track down who is in the picture but without luck. I do like to give credit when possible.

The colours are pastel and, remind me of a big, birthday bridal gown.

Can you imagine the precarious moments that could be endured in a dress that could pop in a moment’s notice? I did find it fun though; always as much fun as the gown designed last year from toilet tissue.

What makes life’s milestones so much fun and full of rememberences are the little things that you do to make your day, your own.

As long as it feels right and it’s done the way you dreamed about- life will be a-ok.

Until later,

Sheryl Davies

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