Brushetta Bars: A Wedding Reception Ice-Breaker



A Bruschetta Wedding Bar Breaks the Ice!



At a recent wedding, we were captivated by a marvelous idea,  just after the ceremony and prior to  the wedding meal. The main foyer of the reception venue, which was adjacent to the room where  the ceremony took place, was set up with a marvelous array of aromatic flat breads, tapas, artisian breads,  big chalahs,  fresh  hard italian rolls, olives, roasted red peppers and assorted condiments, and, all varieties  of delectable Paté and cold meats.

Coupled with copious quantities of selected, premium bottles of  vodka , this was the perfect hors d’ouevres to keep  hunger at bay for the guests while the bride, groom and the wedding party were off taking pictures with their  photographer.

It was also an ice breaker for all the guests who had not yet met. Standing around this mouth- watering array of appetizers, people had an opportunity to mingle and meet around the wonderful, wicker baskets and ceramic pottery bowls of dips that made this presentation so very innovative and beautiful to both smell as well as look at. There’s nothing better than the aroma of fresh-baked bread.

It was a  perfect preamble to the reception; an opportunity to  break bread togehter as invited guests and served as a natural break between the upcomign events- a great way to reconnect with the people we knew, before venturing to our assigned seating.

When you are planning your wedding, your guests comfort is primary as you follow your schedule as the bride and groom, picture -taking, freshening up and catching your breath with your wedding party.

By providing a talking-piece for food and drink, you are both feeding and entertaining your family and friends in a unique way and offering them some sustenance at the same time.

Consider this emerging trendl and I’ll guaranteeyou that it will be a veritable hit with everyone. Once everyone was ready to assemble in the main dining room, friendships had been struck and the feeling of not knowing anyone was completely forgotten. Everyone came together in a natural and not awkward  way as they moved into the main hall for the wedding meal.

It set the tone for a very comfortable and happy reception, filled with the  upbeat energy of the invited guests; all ready to celebrate the continuation of the evening.


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