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Top it off with personality
The trend is to personalize just about anything having to do with your wedding. Why not your cake as well? Creative displays of monograms and the names of the bride and groom are topping layers of wedding cakes. From silver initials studded with crystals to subtle monograms in the frosting décor of the cake layers, it’s just another way to add a symbol of your new bond to the elements of your wedding day celebration. A cake topper with your initials joined together in or by a heart is a contemporary way to adorn your wedding cake with something much more personal than a stature of a bride and groom or a spray of flowers. You can even include flowers along with this signature design element. Another unique idea in toppers include one-of-a-kind glass hand-blown artworks.

Layers of fun

Today’s wedding cake bakers are creatively stretching the idea of what the traditional wedding cake can become. It used to be that choosing different flavours for each layer was somewhat cutting-edge, though it’s probably become more the norm when it comes to having a unique cake. In fact, some cakes might not be layered at all- there may be an assortment of four to five cakes, all varying in size, colour, and flavour, that are combined to make a wedding cake display. One of the hottest wedding cake designs today is that of layers of ornately decorated pillows (imagine the finest available to carry your ring down the aisle) stacked one on top of another. Today’s cakes incorporate all types of colour as well, and cake designers are not limited to the whites and creams of yesteryear. We are also seeing cupcakes remain as a cute trend as well as the emerging trends of macarons, a pastry with a colourful topping that can be hollowed and filled with gelato, cream or sorbet. Get more information on what you’ll need to think about when it comes to your wedding cake with The Wedding Guide.

Look perfect on your big day
If you believe the dress is the most important thing you’ll wear on your wedding day, think again. Your groom and your guests will forever remember your radiant face, sparkling eyes and elegant hair. The dress catches their attention only because it enhances your natural beauty. Nearly every woman wishes a team of professionals would arrive on the scene first thing every morning to make her look perfect and camera ready. But this luxury is actually a necessity for brides, according to wedding experts. Professional assistance is beauty insurance.

Don’t forget the Moms
The biggest fashion decision for a wedding is, of course, the wedding gown itself. Next comes the attire for the attendants. Since the search for the perfect Mother-of-the-Bride dress may include a special order or custom tailoring, right after the bride and attendant attire is chosen is the perfect time for the bride to talk to the mothers about their ideas for the dresses. The bride should discuss her preferences of lengths, colours and styles with both/all mother. It’s important that the mothers’ gowns do not conflict with the colour of the attendants’-oftentimes because of this consideration, more neutral colours are worn by one or both mothers. A few traditions seem to hold when it comes to choosing Mothers’ attire: these dresses should never be longer than the bride’s or attendants’ gowns. The same goes for the style: they should not be more formal or lavishly decorated than the bride’s gown. Many bridal salons offer diverse selections of mothers’ gowns, check out our trusted salons online.

Shoe tips
Since you and your bridal party will be on your feet all day, and maybe much of the night, it’s important to pick wedding day shoes that are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. Take into consideration all the wear and tear that you shoes will have to endure and add tip0s to protect the bottoms and heels of your shoes. If your shoes, or more likely your bridesmaids’ are dyed to match, you may want to also have them scotch guarded in order to protect them from rain and snow. Most wedding fashion salons have shoes for sale and can give you expert advice on what shoes work best with different types of attendant and bridal attire. Begin your quest for the right shoes early and try to break them in a little before the big day. Today’s bridal shoes are absolutely stunning and for shoe-loving brides, you’ll have a blast finding your perfect pair!

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