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Your magazine is both informative and resourceful. It gave me all the information needed to plan a stress-free wedding. The magazine has ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you.

Mary L.

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Wedding The Guide Banner

After reading The Wedding Guide from cover to cover, I found it to be so helpful in planning my wedding. It’s a great resource and I’d recommend it to anyone in the area. It’s full of coupons and articles, both of which I’ve used.


As a Bride of the Month winner, I thank you for your special gifts and the opportunity to save some money as I planned my wedding.


I loved your guide! I booked most of my wedding services and I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable reading.


I thought I’d take a minute to thank you. I am currently planning my wedding and your publication has been a valuable resource. In fact, I am using The Wedding Guide more than my bridal work book that I purchased for $20.


The Wedding Guide was my sanctuary. I couldn’t have been as organized as I was without it. Thank you so much for keeping me balanced and stress-free. I loved my copy and used it for all my services.


Your new website and  blog is so informative. I love reading the new materials. You are giving me some grand ideas!

Martha J.


I have definitely decided not to participate in wedding shows, and I intend to make The Wedding Guide my primary means of advertising.-Eleanor

Thank you for introducing us to the Wedding Guide. In a few short weeks, we have successfully increased our wedding bookings by at least 60%.-Edith

We want to let you know how happy we are with your guide. We look forward to future issues.-John

Thank you for contacting me and for following up. I would not have wanted to miss the deadline for your fantastic guide.-Pauline.

Sheryl is exceptional at what she does. The Wedding Guide is the best wedding publication in Southern Ontario.-Trevor Booth Photography

I am disappointed that I have changed my business direction and can no longer use your indispensable bridal planner. It helped me grow my business and for that I thank you!-Carol

When I married 20 years ago there was nothing like this guide! I would have had such an easy time planning my wedding with this resource. The local brides are lucky to have it! Susan M.

Dear Sheryl,
I received your new book a few days ago and everyday I plan on emailing you saying “IT IS BEAUTIFUL” and I run out of time and steam! Congratulations, the book is beautiful! Ghada Guarini, Gift Registry Lead Sears

We’ve had great success with your program. Canadian Club Brand Center


Sheryl Davies and I have been colleagues and friends for over 40 years. Sheryl is one in a million. She is a hard working business professional in every way. She acts with integrity and diligence; rises to any challenge and accomplishes her goals. I admire her tenacity and her sense of humour, particularly. I am honoured to count her among my trusted colleagues and friends. I know you will agree. Mary Jane Russell

Sheryl is an excellent business woman and a very good friend. She has provided encouragement and good guidance for many through her professional endeavors. Her work is always first rate. Bob Reynolds

Sheryl has an amazing grasp of the current trends that she researches and publishes in her Wedding Magazine affair that attracts audiences from both sides of he border and contributes significantly to Windsor’s tourist economy. Bill Kent

I just looked through your most recent Wedding Guide that you sent, and it is awesome! Thanks for mailing me a copy; can’t wait to show it to a couple of my girlfriends that just recently became engaged. You are pretty awesome, woman, in case you didn’t know!- Rita Mendenhall Caruso, January 25/10 via emai“

“Sheryl always gets the job done. Her direct aim at your success, will get you what you want, and need, where you need it, and on time. There is very few people that will tell you the truth like Sheryl. She calls it as she sees it. She’s my number one go to person.”  Wendy Paquette, Singer/Lyricist, Wendy Paquette.com September 15, 2009
“Sheryl is the consummate professional and event organizer extraordinaire. Her marketing, communications and PR talents are exemplary and I would highly recommend her services.”Debi Croucher, Executive Director, Windsor International Film Festival (business partner) September 16, 2009
“I would feel comfortable directing anyone to hire Sheryl. She is energetic, tireless in fact, always filled with positive energy and well researched ideas.”Bob Farnsworth (client) August 26, 2009 ob hired you as a Marketing/Printing in 2003 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

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