Memories & a Lot of Oomph About Wedding Night Décor: Introducing Suite Sweets BY DESIGN

Introducing Suite Sweets BY DESIGN

Sweet Suites BY DESIGN

Sweet Suites BY DESIGN

The reception is over; the day was beautiful and the open road to the future looms ahead for the newlywed couple. Where they chose to stay their first night of marriage is so very important. It will set the stage for life-long memories worth remembering and cherishing.

Décor ideas for this room, whether it be a hotel suite or their own home doesn’t matter if it is done elegantly and sensually. Connie Day, of Sweet Suites BY DESIGN has the winning formula for making memories and setting the stage for a  beautiful  wedding night. It is something that comes naturally to her and she loves the indulgence and the pampering her services provides to the bride and groom.

Day believes that the room is not complete without colour coordinating to the walls, with special linens, flowers and fragrance. Another important ingredient is the lighting, which should be warm and romantic. This can be done with lamps and candles. For safety concerns and the lateness of the hour, it is wise to use electric or battery-operated candles.

Connie loves flowers and her use of them is done impressively throughout the room right into the powder room where you’ll find rose petals in the bath and bouquets on the countertop. Adorned with candles for a romantic feel, this boudoir is a beautiful bridal room with loads of appeal.

Stocking the room with some nicely presented comestibles such as chocolate, the couple’s favourite beverages and some cookies and fruit will add to the focal point of all the lovely, staged touches.

Wedding room decorating is a wonderful gift for the newlyweds and something that can be done by someone familiar with their tastes.

Connie is also available to set the stage for an engagement or any of life’s perfect moments. She is a true memory-maker and loves her job of making venues feel comfortable and appealing.

If you are thinking about this service for yourself or as a beautiful gift, contact Connie Day for a consultation. She can be reached at [email protected] or 519-735-3963.

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