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With all the planning of the actual wedding day, I realized that my maid of honour and bridesmaids have been extremely patient with all my requests and ideas. They are the best and since each one of them was hand-picked for their loyalty and love for me.

I have started to think about what I want to gift them. We will be having a bridesmaids’ lunch closer to the wedding date and it will be the perfect place to honour them.


I have looked at beautiful jewellery pieces that are unique and interesting. They have grabbed my attention but I also have considered a day at the spa for everyone. What a great chance to have everyone together relaxed and having fun. We can all get buffed and relax while enjoying one another’s company.

I’m about ready to toss a coin become of my indecisiveness. If you are getting married what are you doing for your gifting?  What do you think the ladies would love to receive???? Would it be a memory or an actual gift?

I’ll hope that other brides will respond below in the comments area to help me out. Other ideas would be welcomed.

I’m off to look at limousine services. Wish me luck. This should be an easy decision.





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