Trevor Booth Photography- One gorgeous wedding at a time!

Trevor Booth is an exemplary and innovative award-winning photographer with a great eye for detail;  he is meticulous about his work. Full of enthusiasm, he is always on the cutting-edge of any new trends in his field. His work is artistic and his style of digital story telling is unique, beautifully done and well received.

Trevor Booth Photography

Photography: Trevor Booth, Windsor, Ontario, Will Travel

Trevor has been shooting weddings since 1991- full time since 2003 and he estimates that he has taken close to 20 million frame shots throughout the years. He has extensively traveled the world with his camera; always ready for the next great picture!

His motivation comes from seeing and hearing his brides and groom’s ecstatic reaction to his work. He continually tries to “out do” himself every time he is behind the camera, wanting each and every  photograph to have the ability to stand on its own merit.

Loving the raw emotion of weddings, Trevor gets to know his couples well, which is of the utmost importance to him. That relationship gives him the clues to their  personalities, which only enhances the photographs he takes.

Relaxed and easy going, his ability to transmit that calm, fun-loving nature to his clients is recognized immediately. Having fun is the key to getting those great shots. It is evident when viewing his work that he achieves just that! His couples have fun and they love the final results!

His style is non-traditional, but he will always take some formal portraits for Mom, Dad and posterity. Trevor stresses that there may be a lot of traditional photographers out there that cost less; but what he is able to do, requires a lot more talent and skill. Getting those great shots takes a great eye  without disrupting the spontaneity of the moment. Candids, whether in the church or on a dream beach in Mexico are those priceless moments that only a good photographer can achieve.

A concern that Trevor has with new digital technology is that a lot of people think that they are great photographers but, in fact, lack the expertise. He understands that a good majority of the people know the difference between someone with a camera and a professional photographer, yet when it comes to booking photography services, this logic goes out the window. His main concern is that you only get one chance at your wedding day and it can never be recaptured. He hates to hear stories about disappointed couples who traded price for substandard results. After all, memory-making and marking this important milestone is what a wedding day is all about!

Trevor is willing to travel to any wedding destination, locally or around the globe. His enthusiasm for his craft is evident. Booth loves his work and his couples love him! His business has continued to grow with glowing referrals.

The ability to be part of one of his couple’s happiest days gives him great pleasure. “It’s a privilege to be there with their families and friends,” he says. ” I wouldn’t trade my job for anything,” he says with a big smile.