21st Century Brides Vow to be Different

The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County TrendsA wedding is a life event; a milestone and a full-out party whether formal or not, with a myriad of special touches that flavour the day with the individual touches of the couple’s personality. Making a memory is their top priority and when all is said and done, they want to look back on a beautiful celebration filled with a sense of emotion, sincerity and occasion.

Personalized signature style continues to be the trend, with new touches emerging this upcoming bridal season. The stuffy by-the-book rules of the past have all but vanished. Personal branding continues to be a focal point, with the theme of the wedding revolving around a stylized monogram or icon that the bride and groom may choose.

The vintage glamour look continues its hold from the last two seasons, with the return of romance clearly illustrated in flowing wedding gowns in pale pinks, yellows and this season hottest colour, honeysuckle.  The rage of the 1920s ushers in 3D appliqué, layered with lace, tulle and silk details on the dress. The princess style silhouette will be body slimming with a bold train, while sequins and beading will be showing up on everything from the dress to the floral arrangements and the wedding cake.

Flowers will be stylized with keepsakes in the bouquets and they will be green and natural with bright coloured flowers arranged lightly with a leaf wrap. Flower girls will carry bulb bouquets of one colour.

Chic statement- making headwear is in and no bride today would be without it. Sparkly tiaras are back in time for the Royal Wedding and vintage feathers, large flowers, headbands and elegant hair clips are other alternatives.

The black tuxedo has been revamped with flair and attitude. New styles and beautiful fabric has moved them into the 21st century. Bow ties are back and bold and fun is the message in their styling. Brides will wear pearls and Grooms will forgo sneakers for more tasteful wedding day footwear that complements his bride.

For comfort, wedding venues sport comfy couches- lounge weddings are hot and are one of the biggest trends this year! Living room settings add cosiness for the guests and allow people to move around and socialize with ease.

Long table are all the rage and feel reminiscent of family celebrations. The Sweetheart Table reserved for the couple is elegant and comfortable, layered with textured linens and replete with vintage centrepieces.

Food is local, healthy, traditional and original with farmer’s market menus. Lemonade and colourful teas add a “pretty and colourful” twist to the décor. The wedding cake serves as a centrepiece, a photo-op and is a main focal point. Brides are crazy for cakes decked out in jewellery and they are tall and elegant with butter cream icing and big, beautiful natural flowers instead of the large sugar ones.

Dessert bars continue to be a huge guest favourite, laden with brownies, macarons, ( an almond paste cookie, coloured to theme and filled with gelato or ice cream) jelly beans, pies, ice cream floats and cake pops. They add bold colour and sweetness to the post dinner fare.

The supper club feel ties into the lounge wedding and this season, no couple wants the best day of their lives to end. Couples are planning an after party that lasts well into the wee hours of the night. Guests will partake of drinks, entertainment, dancing and snacks, served up with cognac, coffee and cappuccino bars; lounge- like events with bold style so that their guests can party all night!

From sheer whimsy to breath-taking, couples want their uniqueness to shine through all the details. Outdoor weddings are popular décor offering nature as a backdrop; garden weddings, wooded park-like settings or vineyards are ways couples are making the day their own.   Sparklers and ice sculptures with beautiful intricate details are gracing their tables and doubling as decorations.

The special handmade elements of 2011 weddings are here to stay and are one of the biggest trends for this year. DIY is big and couples are daring to make their day distinctive and memorable.

Wherever the celebration, from cozy- home-style to country or urban chic, couples are infusing their day with distinctive touches and emotion while choreographing a celebration that is meaningful and unique to them.

The 2011 wedding is a wow from the vows to the departure of the last guest. It will be entertaining, emotional and joy-filled. It won’t be your mother’s wedding!