Plan for All Scenarios!

I met a bride not too long ago, who related a story to me  about her wedding  that made my hair curl! She had thought that she had taken care of everything for her wedding day right down to the last detail.  What she forgot to factor in was that her Maid of Honour was coming from the U.S. and when she and her boyfriend got to the border that day,  for whatever reason,  they were not allowed into the country. It was a three- ring circus , but the final straw was that neither of them made it  to Windsor for that special weekend.

With less than 24 hours to the wedding, the bride found another friend to be her MOH,  and helped her out at the ninth hour .  They found a dressmaker who performed a major miracle overnight and her friend fit in the dress perfectly.

What might have been a major problem luckily  turned into but a hiccup, due to some quick thinking.  Living in a border town means being at the mercy of the border guard you meet, coming across.

If any of your attendants are not Canadian citizens, make sure they can get into the country well before the wedding day. Imagine the stress and heartache for the bride just 24 hours prior to her wedding date.

The devil is in the details and Canadian Customs was not on her radar screen. When planning your wedding, thinking about the unthinkable in your planning stages will ensure no major  problems prior to your date.

Two things to remember if anyone in your wedding party are U.S. citizens;  they will require a passport to enter Canada.  Anyone from another country will require a visa.  If anyone in your wedding party has a criminal record, they won’t be able to cross into the country.  A conviction for drunk driving in Canada is reason to be denied access.