Engagement to the Aisle| Your Choice of Wedding Rings

There are many different wedding traditions and symbols but the exchange of the wedding bands is one of the most beautiful. Your wedding bands are your gift to each other, a symbol of commitment; a statement to each other and to the rest of the world. 


As an expression of love, your rings will be worn with pride for years to come.

Your choice of jewellery is an important decision and there are many things to learn and consider before you make a selection. Assistance and information offered by a qualified jeweller or salesperson can be very valuable. You may want to visit several stores in order to find the ring that suits you best.

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The promise of marriage often begins with an engagement ring. Traditionally, this ring is set with a diamond, the world’s hardest gem; however brides are also choosing coloured gemstones in 2014.. When purchasing a diamond, be sure to deal with a reliable and knowledgeable jeweller. Since every diamond is different and comparing them can be confusing, ask your jeweller to explain the “four C’s”: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Each of these characteristics affects the look and the value of your gems. This knowledge will help you decide what is important to you. Most jewellers will be happy to show you examples of different quality diamonds, and different cuts and shapes. When you have made a selection, ask the jeweller to have the ring appraised by an independent gemologist of your choice.

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Many couples love the idea of matching wedding bands to symbolize their commitment to each other. However, it isn’t always easy to find a band that will appeal to both the bride and groom. With a little help from your jeweller, you should be able to work a pattern from a band that you like, into a band that your partner feels comfortable with. Or, instead of matching bands, the bride might choose a wedding band that nests with her engagement ring and the groom might select something complementary but not identical.

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Custom designed and crafted rings are another option and their special, one-of-a-kind nature may add to your enjoyment. The process of designing and making a ring is one in which you can be involved from start to finish. A designer usually makes a wax model of the ring first. This is a necessary step in the design process and also gives you an opportunity to view the result of your creativity and make any changes before the actual ring is made.


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Whether choosing a ring or designing a ring, make sure you consider the comfort and practicality as well as the look. After all, you’ll be wearing it for a long time and in many different situations. Comfort is essential, not only in proper sizing, but also in styling. Ensure that your ring doesn’t snag your clothing.

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