Favours and Bomboniere

The presenting of a wedding token is an adaptation of a 16th Century French custom that was reserved for nobles and kings.

The objects were originally of great value; gold, enamel, precious stones, ivory, mother-of-pearl or porcelain. When introduced into other European courts,  handmade lace, hand blown glass and sugar coated candy were often substituted.

Today, chocolates or chocolate truffles are sometimes substituted, but more and more, you will see unique and interesting ideas at each table setting at the reception. Hot sauces, hand-milled soaps, lip gloss, hand-poured candles, roasted coffee beans,. tea and lottery tickets are but some of the great ideas we have seen in the last number of years.

The favour itself is beautifully wrapped and tied with a ribbon. Personalized with the couple’s name or initials, and wedding date, guest mementos add a charming touch to the festivities and make your wedding even more memorable for those attending.