The New Bride, Socially Speaking, Let’s Talk About Social Media Online Photo-Sharing

It’s a sign of the times — families are scattered across the country and so are their pictures.

As a result, it is estimated that for each family member or friend that enjoys paging through a traditional photo album, roughly 9 more miss out!

The Wedding Guide – Windsor/Essex has the solution, not only to batch process all your photos for online sharing, but the Premier Wedding Social Media viewer for Facebook and a lot of other places. Plus it does not compromise your photographers copyright and the process protects your pictures from being downloaded from the social sites and used commericially elsewhere.

One of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to share your wedding photos with your friends and family members is to put them online in our special high resolution viewer. This is a great way to use the convenience of the Internet to show your wedding guests and those who could not be at the wedding your favorite memories from your engagement to your big day.

Special introductory price $199.00

Psst. Please pass this on. We work globally for brides everywhere online!

Mention – Wedding Guide Widget for Internet Special – or email – [email protected] 519 252-8463

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