Bridal Idol 2010 Winners Announced by The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County


Bridal Idol 2010 Winners Announced  by The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County

For Immediate Release

March 19, 2010

Windsor, Ontario

This year’s contest was much larger than year one, and the final night saw 400 people cheering on their brides  at Place Concorde’s Canadienne Room. It was an exciting evening and Dawn-Marie Dominas from Dawn-Marie Entertainment was our hostess for the evening. Her 20 years of Karaoke and singing experience made her the perfect choice for this contest.

Dawn and her team spent 7 weeks,  from January 27 to March 5, twice a week at The Whiskey Rock and Roll Bar and The Victoria Tavern, our two host clubs for the competition.

The winner of the competition was Bethany Danter (Jerritt Burton, fiancé) and she comes from a family of nine- with musician parents. Bethany says, ” Because of the fact that we have a large family and there are going to be plenty of weddings to pay for, in the near future- at least one of them is now financially easier. ” She adds, ” Special thanks to the businesses that were involved; it really was a great event. Bethany took home prizes worth $15,050.

Second place winner was Dana Thompson, who started performing the moment she could talk, singing into a broccoli microphone!! For 15 years, she taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music, performing in 8 different countries, Europe, Universal Studios and Disneyland. ” Bridal Idol seemed like the best thing to do after she got engaged to utilize her talent.” She is so thankful for the $3460 prize package that will assist her and fiancé Ryan Peladeau in planning their wedding.

The total prize package for the contest was $24,240 and contestants received prizes throughout the seven week competition throughout the preliminaries and semi-finals.

To view pictures and the 7 weeks of Bridal Idol competitions:

Bridal Idol 2010 ten finalists will all go directly to the quarter finals at Bluesfest Idol.- coming soon and ending on the big stage in July.

Media Contact: Sheryl Davies, Publisher, Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County, 519-252-8463 . [email protected]

Bethany Danter Winner of Bridal Idol 2010                                 

Dana Thompson, 2nd place, Bridal Idol 2010

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