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Many couples prefer a more candid style of photography to capture the essence of their wedding day that is often described as natural or unobtrusive.  Instead of the numerous photographs of people grouped together and ready to smile at the photographer’s cue, they choose a relaxed yet elegant style of photography known as Wedding Photojournalism to document the activities of their special day.

Some brides and grooms think they may be turned off by this style, classifying it as the latest trend in wedding photography, thinking they don’t want a photographer that will produce or direct their wedding day by creating a “cliché” or “posed ” shots that were once leaders in the genre, like the wedding dress on a hangar or the groom dipping the bride during their first dance.


Actually, by definition, a true wedding photojournalist is there to record the events of your wedding, capturing it all as it happens. Whereas a traditional wedding photographer will mingle with your guests and allow his personality to work with him or her, the weddingphotojournalist is more of an observer, working as more of an outside documentation of the day’s events. Proponents of this style of photography say it results in much more emotion in the final product with truly heartfelt images.

If you think the wedding photojournalism is the style in which you’d like your wedding-day memories preserved, set appointments with several photojournalists to view their portfolios. Find the style that compliments yours.

Watch for Wedding Guide TV in hi-res, in shareable, but not subject to be stolen, format. This protects your photographer’s copyright and lets you post online without your images being used commercially.


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